• How to buy games?
    1. Make yourself a Patreon account.
    2. Make a pledge to my account patreon.com/darkbasic
    3. Come back to my site on the game and login with Patreon when prompted. You should be awarded credits to buy games.
  • What's the price of a game?
    • Games usually cost 10$. So you need to choose the 10$ tier.
  • Does credit add up?
    • Yes. If you pledge 5$ for two months then you'll have enough credit to buy a game.
    • Same if you pledge 1$ for 10 months then the credit will add up.
  • Once bought, are the games owned forever or do I need a monthly subscription?
    • You pay once and it's yours.
    • The games you bought will always be playable without an active subscription.
    • Just keep your Patreon account because without it you won't be able to log in!
  • Why are the games online only?
    • Because they work on every browser. I don't have to manage multiple builds.
    • People with iPhone, iPads can also enjoy them without ever downloading something.
    • Games are short in nature, meant to provide quick stimulation.
  • Why do games take you so long to develop?
    • Single person team, can't afford employees. Yet.
  • Do all of your games contain animations?
  • I have problems, how can I get help?
    • Message me on discord DarkBasic#3251 or on Patreon.
  • What happens when the site will close?
    • If i'll ever decide to stop making games and close the website all games will be made standalone and emailed to each one of you.
  • Game loading progress bar is not moving. Is it stuck?
    • Most likely no. Your connection might be slow. Expect a few minutes for the initial loading. Be patient until you see the main menu screen.

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